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We’re Never Gonna Survive Unless…..

As the album gathers musicians (see below) and production, Dave and I decided to spend our last few minutes in the ‘studio’ playing a few acoustic.

The Emergence – Crazy

I spent the week up in Boston for New Year’s doing some recording and hanging with the Wesson’s. Dave arranged for us to get into the Auditorium at the Rashi school in Newton, MA to run around like idiots making a bunch of noise. Dave recorded some new vocals.

Candice played some violin and sang.

Garo blessed us with his doumbek (he’s the perfect kinda crazy).

Todd joined us to record some backing vocals and play some drums.

We spent New Year’s at Sam’s house with some beautiful people, even better food and Rock Band. We even had a little DaVerse reunion with Sam on cello, Candi on violin, me on guitar and Dave singing.

After that, I drove back to Brooklyn and had one hour to unload all my gear from my car and into my apartment, get my shit apart and back together enough to drive to the airport and spend the week in Dallas taking a class for work. I then came back Friday night and Saturday Tyler came over to record some banjo and Robb to record some bass. Then we went out to an art opening and the after party for a bit before retiring to Tyler’s to make a little noise on an armadillo’s back (Charango).

Now I have a mountain of editing to do and I couldn’t be happier.

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