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The Music Parade

One of the music projects currently in the works that you have not heard about is a collaboration with Robin Wachsberger. The working title is IO. We are writing some great material, but more about that in a later post. Robin introduced me to her friend and collaborator Plus Aziz recently (he goes by +Aziz). +Aziz is spearheading a project called The Music Parade. Also known as The World Music Parade, it is ‘a Community Exploring world music through animation & comics’. The MP has a blog and a Twitter feed with more info. What I am working on specifically is an animation that +Aziz has written. It is the story of a young girl growing up in the GCC region and the changes she goes through, the way her culture shapes her worldview and how these things shift as she matures.

Aziz has a fairly large team of people working on the music and animation. Robin is one of the vocalists. The other day +Aziz and Robin came over to record some vocals with me. I am basically working as an audio engineer on this project. +Aziz also brought a guy named Amine. Amine is also singing on this project. The session went well and Amine has asked me to produce a demo of his original songs for him. More about that later as well. For now, check out some pics of The Music Parade here in my studio Williamsburg.



Amine Kouider