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Crystallized Life Purpose

Devin has helped me crystallize my life-purpose. I now bring more consciousness into my daily actions, alinging them with my life-purpose.

David W

CEO on a Quest for Fulfillment

As the CEO of a growing education company (and a person on a never-ending quest for personal fulfillment), I cherish the time that I spend with Devin.  He has an other-worldly ability to understand me and what matters most to me and to my business, and he helps me to articulate these issues and decisions in truly actionable ways.

Devin’s arsenal of knowledge and experience is incredibly diverse. From raw common sense and practical advice to intellectual theory and spiritual wisdom, he seems to draw on a never-ending supply of ideas, suggestions and resources that — get this! — don’t just tell me what’s wrong with me but actually support me in making the changes I want in business and life.

Finally, by nature or practice (and he’s had a lot of it), Devin is the embodiment of what I wanted every time I craved accountability in my life.  Serious, without judgment; enthusiastic, without naivete; compassionate, without mushiness.

From Devin, I learn not only how to live my own life better but how to bring out the best in those around me — my employees, partners, friends, family, etc.  There is still much work to be done, and I believe Devin wants to help me.  I believe he has.  I believe he still will.

Rob M.

Self Managed / Teal Organization

Devin is incredible. I started working with him in March of this year as I was stepping into my role of COO at a rapidly growing company, and I am SO grateful I did. Devin is an extraordinary human being and the ideal coach: he’s wise, compassionate, direct, kind, open-minded, funny… the list goes on and on. I sincerely appreciate that Devin is not someone who encourages business as usual. I’m deeply examining what it means to be a female leader, and I’m slowly but surely moving our company toward a self-managed teal organization, a process for which Devin is proving to be an incredible guide and sounding board. He takes a holistic approach and seeks to help you to find your truths and live your way into your answers. I cannot recommend Devin more highly.

Faith M.

Devin is a UNICORN

Devin is a unicorn! He is one of those rare human beings who simply glows with an inner light of knowing and absolute kindness. He is a treasure. And my time spent with him was nothing short of transformative and magical.
Devin is like your best friend, number one fan, and wise guru all wrapped into one humble and down to earth soul.

But really, I was broken, still in mourning and feeling God-smacked after becoming a widow at a young age. Devin showed me that I wasn’t doing as poorly as I thought. He held a mirror up for me to see my own inner light shinning. He showed me my strengths, helped me to make goals and create a plan of action for achieving them, and yes, he kicked my ass a little in the most genuine and kind way. Because of the work I did with Devin, I am living a much fuller and more successful life. My business has increased, I’ve made new friends, I’ve found a creative outlet and I have released old habits and relationships that were not serving my highest good.

I know I sound like a total hippie (I am!), but Devin is truly a gift and you deserve it to yourself to invest in your enjoyment of this life.

Sarah S.

Busy Founder & CEO

I have been working with Devin for 4 months and in that time my life has begun to completely transform. I had my reservations at first, a busy Founder & CEO of company in the venture capital space with little time to explore my emotions or meditate. But, I approached my work with Devin with an open mind and an interest in getting more out of my life and now have come to rely on him not only as my coach, but as my mentor and friend.

In the short time we have worked together, I have lost 30 lbs (back to my old “fighting weight”) and implemented dozens of new habits and routines that have made me a more productive, happy and successful CEO, son and husband (and soon to be father). And I’ve only just begun!

With Devin, it is impossible to use hyperbole…he’s that good. I could not more highly recommend him.

Brian F.

Zen Master

You’re like the zen master of intensely successful, left brain, western world leaders.

Stephan Wiedner (founder of Coaching site

Most Transformative Year of My Life

Devin led me on a journey that would be the most transformative year of my life, thus far. I was a rudderless ship out in the open, lost and not living my purpose. Career-wise, love-wise, self-wise… it was all out of whack. Devin helped me connect with my core self while changing my perspective on my life and my priorities. He did this holistically, not focusing on one specific area. It was a total rebuild project, which is exactly what I had needed. Now I’ve quit my job and am running my own business in the field I love. I have never been so excited about the coming challenges in life while simultaneously having a broader perspective on the bigger picture. He truly has a gift to get out of people their best selves. I can never thank you enough, Devin.

Michael K

CEO's Whole Life Balance

I am an entreprenuer and CEO of a fitness company.  I was looking for a coach that could help me with my personal life and my business life together.  Devin is a seasoned coach who’s been able to balance coaching of my “whole” life in our sessions.  Also, I love that Devin takes time after each session to reflect and write out a recap from the meeting. It’s been a great experience for me so far!!

N. Jespersen

Gets to the Core of an Issue

Devin was and continues to be extremely helpful and insightful. He has a great way of asking just the right questions to get to the core of an issue. He also has provided great exercises to get me thinking more clearly about life goals and priorities. He is extremely passionate about what he does and the people he helps. And his follow up notes after each session are clear. I would strongly recommend him.

Steve D.

Tools for Life

Devin deals in personal transformation, and he’s good at it. At the very least, he helped me right the course, which seemed impossible a year ago. I came to his program with a bag full of paralyzing problems, laced with confusion about where my life was heading. He quickly helped me sift through the mental clutter and focus on the foundational kernels at play. It’s only been about half a year since first speaking with Devin, and my life is already remarkably different. I’m doing the things that I want to be doing and am happier and calmer for it.

You’ll see the value in working with Devin the first time you receive his post-meeting notes, and you’ll probably save them for a long time because they’re wonderful. Besides his own insights, the external resources he offers always seemed to be perfect for whatever it was I needed help with (food, relationships, the creative process, anything really). I still return to them today. Most importantly, for the rest of my life, I feel like I have a set of tools and habits for simplifying and getting to the core of what’s making my heart sing and what’s getting in the way. Can’t recommend Devin enough. Sincere, compassionate, and nurturing of change, but also brutally honest when need be. Clear, focused, and intelligent the whole way through.

G. Pitsilos

Entrepreneurial Support

I am a menswear designer / entrepreneur. Ihave never worked with a life / business coach and was a little skeptical at first. After the first session, all my concerns of working with a life coach was gone. Not only is he an amazing individual who is very perceptive and intuitive, he truly cares about what I am going through. As an entrepreneur, I have gone through a lot of challenges, self doubt, and imbalance of my personal life. Devin has provided the neutral perspective which serves as a sounding board and motivates me to keep thinking outside the box.

Kai D.

Life Has Never Been in Better Working Order

Devin is truly a guru. He knows how to cut through the excuses you give him and forces you in a firm but gentle way to come to terms with your procrastination or with the problems you face in general.

I worked with Devin through a program in association with Men’s Health for nearly a year and I can honestly say my life has never been in better working order. Not to say it’s perfect, but I feel like I’m finally on the right track and know how to look at everything in the big picture. Specifically I accomplished a number of tasks I’d literally been putting off for years and got over some unreasonable fears in order to accomplish a number of other goals.

In the past I’d get caught up in the details. Devin knows how to work with you to set a plan in motion and keeps you accountable to it.

I can’t recommend Devin enough to someone looking to take their life in a new direction.

Brandon K.

Purpose and Joy

Devin provides uniquely unbiased, nurturing support. He enables an environment where I can focus on the goals of purpose and joy and gives me the tools to make them happen — daily. I am blown away by how much progress I’ve made in just a few short months. With Devin’s coaching I have fully committed to working on a project that I truly believe in. I cannot recommend him enough for anyone that senses they have a better way to live this life.

Minty A

Successful Entrepreneur

I am a successful Entrepreneur and single dad who thought he had all the answers… until a few months ago.

Without going into detail, I realized that my life was about to change in a major way and that I needed help to properly address that change and plan accordingly. I researched a ton of Executive Coaches until I chose to work with Devin. It is one of the best decisions I’ve made in years! I am only 2 months into his program and I have already started to see dramatic results! When I started working with Devin I felt lost. Now, once again I’m inspired, motivated and feel a renewed sense of excitement about the future.

Devin’s positive energy, superb listening skills, understanding of my business and personal challenges coupled with his focused guidance, proactive approach and ability to hold me accountable have helped me develop a greater sense of self-awareness and the ability to rethink the way I approach things.

Always focused and pragmatic, Devin’s ability to cut to the heart of a situation, deliver keen insights and give straightforward, down to earth guidance are teaching me how to see things in a different light. Our sessions have produced more than a few “aha moments” and have led me to a clearer understanding of who I am and what I need to do in order to live a more rewarding life.

Everyone has challenges in life but it’s how we respond to those challenges that either makes us or breaks us. I thought I knew what to do in almost every situation but the truth is, until I met Devin, I really had not clue. I only wish I had met him sooner!

Jeff D.

UN Transitions

33I came across Devin at a time when I was trying to find greater balance in my life. With a demanding job at the UN, and about to switch positions, I was also preparing to undergo surgery. I wanted to use this time to reflect on my personal and professional life and reconfigure my routine, mainly to find more time to myself.

Working with Devin has been a really interesting experience, both introspective and about “putting me out there”. Through his comments, questions and suggestions, Devin helped me navigate my own questioning and, more importantly, gave me that little push I sometimes needed to take action to change. I am grateful that he introduced me to some techniques to take more time for myself, bring greater clarity of mind and greater balance. I have always found his summaries very thoughtful. Amazingly, he always hit the nail on the head and I re-read them often.

I would highly recommend Devin to anyone seeking positive change in their lives.

Julien P

Transformed from the Inside Out

There isn’t enough words or space to articulate the impact Devin has had on my personal growth in the few months I’ve worked with him.  When I began my work with Devin, I was at an uncertain juncture and was questioning a number of my life choices.  His coaching is helping me transform from the inside out.  Whereas a lot of people are trying to fix their lives in search of finite happiness in a new job, relationship, etc., my work with Devin has taught me how to self-generate sustainable happiness from within.  He’s helped strengthen my confidence, deepen my spiritual practice as well as make better lifestyle habits that have been transformational across my career, relationships and physical/mental health. Devin holds me accountable and encourages me to explore areas I feel blocked in due to fear or limiting self-belief so I can lead a more purposeful and authentic life.  He’s an oracle of vast knowledge on any subject I have a curiosity about and has an invaluable gift of insight and a higher worldview.

A. Baxter

Transition with Momentum and Perspective

Over the past two years, I’ve gotten married, divorced, moved three times, dealt with a parent’s illness, and quit my job to attend graduate school for an MFA in Screen and TV writing.  I graduate next month and wanted to work with a coach to weather the transition back to the real world.  Confidence, diligence and purpose are paramount for any career, but especially one in the arts.  In seeking a coach, I hoped to create a toolkit for maintaining momentum and perspective no matter the circumstances.

The first activity Devin gives is writing out goals and lifestyle patterns.  Subsequent sessions are structured around the progress of these goals and the analysis of patterns.  Devin has incredible listening and detail-retention skills, and was often able to make connections that turned out to be key components in exploding negative patterns.  Most sessions gave me an “aha” moment.

It’s hard work to be honest with yourself, but Devin is very compassionate.  At several points, change required confronting rough questions, but I always felt nurtured, safe and accepted.  The numerous techniques he offers focus on the positive, so it never felt like there was anything “wrong” or shameful, but rather limitless potential for improvement.

I was constantly impressed by the variety of support Devin offers.  He has a huge stock of practical methods to deal with all kinds of blocks, and is rigorous about checking in/examining their effectiveness, and trying new things if necessary. This was incredibly helpful in boosting my productivity and confidence.  He also introduced me to many lifestyle methodologies and (for want of a better word) gurus, which have given me a greater sense of purpose.

Since beginning our course of sessions, I have broken through a bunch of limits, including finishing several projects that were weighing on me and getting closer to my partner.  Where I used to fear working and stress out about inadequacy, I have come to enjoy writing for the first time in years – and when I don’t, I have the tools to get back to a positive, productive place.  Devin has taught me to appreciate myself outside of my work, to get more out of my relationships and live true to my goals.  I’m incredibly grateful to have worked with him.

Lucy G

Director in Film & Television

Think of it as “therapy for your business self” — I can honestly say working with Devin has truly been one of the most satisfying experiences of my professional life – As a director in feature films and television, my priorities are extensive and to say the least ever-changing. I consider myself an organized person, but at the same time, I tend to spin a bit with my creative endeavors. Devin has been a confidant and sound boarding in trying to prioritize those creative endeavors, so they can turn into truly actionable goals. It has been under his tutelage that I have been able to achieve a newfound level of success. Of course, there’s no magic bullet, and one’s action plan is typically obvious, but having Devin there, week in and out, to keep you in-line with your goals, and on track is the key. Again, I can’t recommend Devin enough.

Josh Z.

A New Balanced Person

Working with Devin changed my life. Before I started his program, I was stuck in a serious rut. There were a number of areas in my life that needed serious attention. My yoga practice was stagnating, my diet was all over the place, my emotions were on a roller-coaster, and my social life was unsatisfying. After working with Devin for six months, I felt like a new person. He helped me to identify the areas of my life that needed balancing, and he offered very realistic suggestions for achieving that balance. I never felt like I was being lectured or told what to do. His calm nature and attentiveness made it possible for me to come to my own realizations. Devin has found his calling! I truly believe that being a lifestyle coach is something he was born to do! I would recommend him to anyone who is ready to make some serious changes in their life.

Claire F

Drastic Career Change

Upon undertaking a drastic career change, moving from my residence of the past 5 years, and embarking on an 8 month national media campaign as talent – all new changes – I felt like the same awkward teenager I was fifteen years ago trying to figure things out.  Soon after beginning work with Coach Devin, he helped me identify my personal and professional goals, then helped me to divide and conquer.  He helped shed professional light on my scattered career & life thoughts and take both macro/micro views in order to best approach any given task at hand.  I am grateful for his support and thorough conditioning.  He’s an all around great guy and an invaluable life coach!

Razmig T.

Up to Big Things

I took on a coach because I was up to big things, and wanted to ensure I’d remain focused on accomplishing them. Devin was everything I could have asked for.

Devin requested every detail of the goals I had set out for myself, and everyone of our consultations was laser-focused on my progress, my challenges, and how to overcome them. It’s been an incredibly valuable experience to have him listen, give advise, and if necessary, call me out if I’m BSing. And it all comes from a place of support and encouragement.

I won’t go into the long details about the goals I’d set out for myself, but I’ll say that some of them came to pass, some of them are in progress – and most importantly, I am confident and at ease about where I’m headed. And my consultations with Devin have been a big part of that.

Victor G.

Invaluable Life Coach!

Upon undertaking a drastic career change, moving from my residence of the past 5 years, and embarking on an 8 month national media campaign as talent – all new changes – I felt like the same awkward teenager I was fifteen years ago trying to figure things out.  Soon after beginning work with Coach Devin, he helped me identify my personal and professional goals, then helped me to divide and conquer.  He helped shed professional light on my scattered career & life thoughts and take both macro/micro views in order to best approach any given task at hand.  I am grateful for his support and thorough conditioning.  He’s an all around great guy and an invaluable life coach!

R. Titizian

Vision into Action

After hearing recommendations from a friend, I put off talking to Devin for a couple of years. I wish I had talked to Devin the moment I heard of him, because I feel more on track than I ever have before.
Devin encouraged me to see my strengths, to speak confidently about what I do, and to be proud of who I am. Since I have started talking to Devin, friends and family comment on the positive change they see in me.
Before our first conversation Devin asked me to come up with three goals. These goals became the focus my journey and Devin helped me to put vision into action. Things are happening in my life now and I am more confident in approaching the challenges that lay ahead.

Libbey H.

Young Success

As a young and successful oil and gas entrepreneur, my life had become an unhealthy balance of chasing after money and surface level experiences.  Since working with Devin, I’ve not only identified my core values, but have learned to use them as guiding principles in my everyday life.  He’s helped me to realize my career path was out of sync with my values and has challenged me to search for a way to make a living that is a better fit for what I enjoy and what I believe.  After several months of help from Devin, I’ve convinced my partner to buy me out of my company and I’m now set to travel the world (by myself) for an entire year.  I hope to grow during my time abroad and return a more balanced, honest, free, and courageous individual.  All of this would not be possible without having worked with Devin.  Thanks my man!!

Eric S.

Career Clarity & More

Devin is amazing. I just finished my four month program with him and I have to say I’m going to miss our sessions! He has great energy, is open, kind, down to earth and gets it. Working with him has helped me realize which direction I want to go in my career, which was not initially what I thought I needed help in. Personally he has also helped me tremendously to make sustainable changes in areas that I have felt stuck in for a long time. I highly recommend Devin to anyone who is looking for a little inspiration, direction or clarity in their lives. He has given me valuable tools that I will continue to use going forward.

Vera N.

Soul Searching

My sessions with Devin have been a real gift and I am grateful to those who pointed me in his direction. I was a disillusioned physician planning to take some time off to do some soul searching when some friends recommended that I work with a life coach.  I was initially very resistant to the idea but wanted to keep an open mind. Even from my first conversation with him, I realized how much he had to offer.  He was very easy to talk to and really called me out on my own sh-t. His approach is spiritually oriented and he has a breadth of tools that he is versed in that he is able to offer. The sessions and the notes he sends you are invaluable.  You can sense his commitment and generosity from your first conversation with him.  He really excels at what he does because he really believes in how much of an impact he can make.   I came to him without much direction and he helped me identify the core issues that led to my aimlessness. Also he gave me some incredible skills and tools that have made a difference in how I perceive myself and the world around me.  He has been an important part of the positive shift that I have experienced.

Sanjay B.

A Guiding Beacon of Light

Devin has integrity and will treat you with the upmost respect that you deserve to make major changes in your life.

Change is difficult but being uncomfortable is where change happens. Devin is a guiding beacon of light to help you make those changes — physical, mental, spiritual.

If you feel stuck in a rut or need a gentle nudge in the right direction on what will make you happy, Devin will help you identify achievable goals to give your life balance and ultimately help you change.

Ishmael V

Increasing Self Worth

I met Devin in a moment when I had made some big steps on my own – after years of smoking and 2 years of suffering with eating disorders, I had vowed to change my lifestyle. However, I realized that I had no coping skills without those outlets. Devin met me exactly where I was at – and supported me through one of the most difficult, terrifying and exciting times of my life. He provided guidance and gently opened up my thinking to new ideas about health, balance, and self-knowledge. I am truly a stronger, more aware, and more realistic person today, and I could not have done it without Devin’s help.
In the six months that we worked together, Devin slowly introduced reflective exercises that supported the good habits I already had around food and exercise, as well as challenging me in each session to experiment with new ways to relax without outside stimulants, to focus on larger goals, and to increase my own self worth. His ability to understand the needs of his clients, listen and support without judgment, and create pathways to real, sustainable change make him a great life coach.

Christina F.

Overcame Frustrating Time

Choosing to work with Devin helped me overcome a very frustrating time in my life sooner than I ever expected.  I had small goals that once seemed impossible to achieve, I was really stuck. With his help I was soon achieving my larger goals. The goals he sets for you are always realistic and mutual, but also challenging enough to see your potential. Talking with him was honest, challenging but not intimidating, comfortable, and really fun! One of my favorite things about working with Devin was the little time we spent trying to understand negative patterns in my life, and the more time we spent breaking myself free of them. I have an all around happier and more excited attitude about my life.  Even after our sessions are over I know I’ll continue challenging and exploring whats next in my life. Ill miss our sessions together. Thank you Devin.

Rachel Z.

New Career Direction

I was always apprehensive about seeking out a life coach, but I knew I needed help. I wasn’t up for traditional therapy because I know through my friends’ and family’s experiences that that can take years with mixed results to get anywhere. I needed to talk to someone firmly and directly about my problems. Somehow I stumbled up Devin in a google search and met up with him. Something about his presence immediately put me at ease. I knew this was someone who would never talk down to me no matter how ridiculous I sounded. After working on a list of my year-long life goals, Devin pulled it out of me that I really wanted to go back to school but was too nervous to talk about it. I had no confidence about my skills and accomplishments but he got me to believe in myself-an impossible feat. I ended up applying to Columbia University and am happy to say that I was accepted! I really don’t believe I would have dared to apply if I hadn’t worked with Devin. He really helped me reshape the way I think about myself and how I interact with the people around me. Thank you, Devin.

Renée R.

More Than Just Recovery

It’s truly hard to put into words what Devin Martin and his program have done for me. I reached out to Devin for guidence in getting back to a healthy state after going through a 7 month battle with cancer (chemo, surgeries, and utter hell) and got way more than I had ever expected. I figured I’d learn how to eat better and get my body back in shape. Although that was part of it, the mental and spiritual growth was exponential! It was like working with my conscience, except gentler and more informed. Through our talks and exercises I grew healthier, wiser, and attained a true sense of self worth. Happiness was more than a distant memory to me. I eat differently. I walk differently. I breath differently. I don’t just deal with the obstacles life puts in front of me; I crush them! The doctors told me I’d never surf again after I recieved my artificial hip. Now I’m headed back to costa rica for my second time this year to surf world class waves. I could sit here and tell you all about the program, but it’s different for everybody. It’s truly what you want and how you want to live your life that defines each program. From cancer patients to someone that just wants a little more out of their life; Devin Martin is the man for you. With tears in my eyes I can not thank him enough for helping me on my journey to becoming the best version of myself.

Benjamin V.

Unexpected Benefits

Doing the Life Coaching program with Devin was truly a transformative experience. I was already thoughtful about my eating habits and had a steady regimen of weight training and yoga practice, but I wanted to explore what I could do to cultivate an even happier and healthier life. I also suffered from frequent bouts of joint pain since I was a young teenager. All of the doctors I saw over the years had no answers for me. I had come to see this as simply being a part of my life that I would always have to deal with. Devin challenged that assumption and through our work together I have experienced a drastic reduction in my pain. Through his deep listening and gentle pushing, Devin also helped me examine other areas of my life that were out of balance and got me excited about some new foods I had never tried. Devin created a safe, caring, professional environment very condusive to personal growth. I would highly recommend him to anyone who wants to improve their health or lead a more fulfilling life.

Amy B