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Stuck in the Middle

The Emergence – Stuck in the Middle

Stuck in the Middle

Oh my God I am so sorry
These words will not stay
Simple one I can’t believe you
Your eyes lead you astray

Hold your head, I gaze inside you
you breathe I bend like clay
Where there are two we are divided
Get too close I fade away

I’ve been stuck in the middle…

Hold my breath to keep this moment
Clench my fist, I can not pray
I try to run, to stay beside it
As my presence fades to grey

Letting go I drift in tide pools
as the Ocean pulls away
Flail my arms and spin in circles
Till the moon pulls you my way

I’ve been stuck in the middle…

I am beginning to discover

I yearn to be uncovered

I’ve been stuck in the middle…

I wanna love you, I don’t wanna lose me

Without you I am only apart

by David Wesson and Devin Martin