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Shadow Work and the Enneagram


On Monday I will be hosting an event led by an up and coming Enneagram expert from Switzerland named David Schroeder. He will lead us through an exploration of how knowing and working with our type can be powerful as shadow work.

All are welcome. For more information and to RSVP go here:

From David:

“Those items in the environment (people or things) that strongly affect us instead of just informing us are usually our own projections. Items that bother us, upset us, repulse us, or at the other extreme, attract us, compel us, obsess us–these are usually reflections of the shadow.”

– Ken Wilber, No Boundaries, The Persona Level

“The point of working with types is … to help us recognize the patterns operating within ourselves and others … . Once you can see a pattern, then you are no longer completely bound by it … .”

– Integral Life Practice, The Mind Module

Shadow work reduces our emotional suffering and enables us to see ourselves and others in a more realistic, undistorted way. Liberated zest for life and increased empathy are inevitable side effects.

In this mini-workshop with David we will explore how the knowledge of our Enneagram type can helps us to recognize our major shadow issues. In a set of exercises we will experiment with ways of applying this knowledge in a practical way–in the workshop, and in our daily life.

David works as a life coach and is about to complete the certification program at the Enneagram Institute in New York. Integral Theory combined with the Enneagram are two major “magic bullets” of his work.

After this mini-workshop there will be the opportunity to deepen this work on Enneagram and shadow with David in 4 evening sessions with a group of interested people.

Prior knowledge of the Enneagram and your Enneagram type is not required for this meetup.

However, gaining an overview over the 9 types and having a guess of your own type can help you to gain more individual insights. Here are two useful links to get started:

Brief overview over the 9 types:

Type Test: