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I recently became an Executive Producer. Stuart Davis reached out looking for some help with season two of his show Sex, God, Rock ‘n Roll and I jumped at the opportunity to get involved.

He’s a freak of the highest caliber. I first heard about Stuarts music through Integral Naked, now Integral Life. He’s a long time friend of Ken Wilber and a ‘twisted mystic poet’ who writes, paints, sings and eventually started making his own TV show. An earlier version starred three versions of Stu bickering with one another. The newest iteration has him co-hosting with the gorgeous Kandyse McClure who all Battlestar Galactica fans will certainly recognize. Check it out now on HDNet.

Every episode talks about guess what? Sex. God. Rock n Roll. It’s ridiculous, irreverent and brilliant. I’m proud to have played my little part in bringing it to the world.