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Sex and the Future of Humanity with Martin Ucik


On Monday, October 21st Integral New York will once again be hosting author and relationship expert Martin Ucik for a boundary pushing presentation and discussion based on his latest work. He will be presenting brand new content from his soon to be published book The Evolutionary Human” and his new project: “Sex and the Future of Humanity”. We will explore questions such as:

How does your developmental stage impact who you choose as a partner?

What skills are needed to co-create healthy, sustainable love relationships?

How does your sexual selection process and mate choices impact families, neighborhoods, communities, societies and the world at large? How about the environment or the economy?

What does all of this tell us about our authentic evolutionary purpose and how we can discover it?

What are the benefits of knowing this purpose?

And, of course, Martin is continuing to explore the concepts in Integral Relationships which integrates the wisdom from over 200 relationship books placing them into Ken Wilber’s acclaimed AQAL Model. This allows you to meet your partner at his/her level of consciousness and to co-create a sustainable, healing and growth oriented love relationship

A bit more about Martin:

Martin Ucik is a German born entrepreneur who trained with Eckhart Tolle as a Power Of Now group facilitator and founded, an Association for Healthy Relationships. His studies of Ken Wilber’s Integral Model enabled him to integrate his personal experiences as a divorced father and the wisdom from over 200 relationship books into Integral Relationships: A Manual for Men which Ken Wilber has said is “An astonishingly complete manual for men based on virtually all the elements of the Integral model, in itself a remarkable feat. And the advice is truly sound. A great book!”

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Hope to see you there

Devin Martin – Life and Career Coach