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A window into what I am currently reading and my favorite books of all time.
Just what it implies 🙂

Reinventing Organizations

If you have ever felt frustrated while at work then this applies to you. One of the most important books I have read this decade. If you are in a position to transition a company to Teal, let’s talk 🙂

Breathing Exercise and Meditation Instruction from the Art of Living

Enter the world of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (no sitars involved). A very practical approach to reducing stress and tension, learning about your mind and handling negative emotions

David Deida
Do you live your purpose? Have no idea what your purpose is? Are you eager to serve others as only a stage 3 person can?
Tim Ferris
Are you ready to start hacking your life? Want a 4-Hour Work Week? A 4-Hour Body? Want to be a 4-Hour Chef? Tim Ferris is the man

David Asprey – The BulletProof Executive

Want to hack your biology for optimum performance? Want some BulletProof Coffee?

The HeartMath Institute
Developers of bio-feedback devices to train your heart and a team of scientists conducting research to prove the benefits of a coherent heart. This implications for your health, mood and intuition are profound.
How Breathing Exercises Changed My Life
A personal account from my blog explaining how learning to take conscious control of my breathing effected every aspect of my life.
The Beauty of Pain
Also from my blog. Here I explore pains gift, explaining why I think truly feeling pain can be a beautiful, transformative and life affirming experience.
Emotional Eating
Another from my blog. A frank look at how the way we feel affects the way that we eat and the reciprocal ways that the things that we eat affect the way that we feel.
Integral Life Practice based on Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory
A truly integrated approach to transformation from the man who wrote the book on Integral Theory (literally). If you’re looking for ways to round out your existing daily practice, or create one from scratch this is a great resource.
Increase Your Metabolism!!!
Think you got dealt a bad hand and wish that you could take control of your metabolism? Sean Philips presents a balanced approach to stoking your metabolic fire.
The Healing Power of Sunlight and Vitamin D
Fear that sunlight is all bad and should be avoided as much as possible? Think again. Like all things, it’s about moderation and too little can be just as dangerous as too much.
Healthy Recipes from Integrative Nutrition
A collection of recipes from the largest and most holistic nutrition school in the world


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