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Introduction to the blogging

Big Brother

Yesterday I had my interview with Big Brother Big Sister of Queens. I am thinking that this will be the main focus of my blog. I have training on July 7th and they should assign me a Little (what they call the little tyke I”ll be teamed with) by August. From this point I am committing 4 hours every 2 weeks for 1 year to this person. He will be a he and he will most likely be between the ages of 8 and 14. After my interview I was told that I will probably be teamed up with a young teenager.

I initially thought that I would like as young a child as possible, but I am now thinking that this was for mostly selfish reasons and that I probably have more to offer an older kid.

The other reason I chose to call this Big Brother is because I work in security installing cameras and access control and the implications of this are obvious. I usually refer to us as Little Brother because we work for private companies, but we’re watching you regardless.

This is a picture of me with avocado on my face:

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