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I am consumed by inertia.
What other forces are there?
Where does will fit in with this?
Is life but a constant reaction of one open system to another?
What is the force that allows me to sit still and decide upon a new course of action?

How much theoretical drivel will one man spew to avoid doing a set of push-ups?

I spent the weekend in Boston. As usual, being away from home means varying degrees of away from my practice. Sometimes I will knock out a few sets of push-ups. Sometimes spontaneous breathing exercises will occur. Occasionally I will set aside and meditate (usually not). My diet certainly turns to shit.

More often than not I do not dedicate time to my practice when in the company of others. Am I that influenced by their inertia? Is my resolve so shallow as to have my tides corrupted by any and all other moons?

Upon returning home I am more often than not reeling in the wake of my slack. It will take me a day or three of incremental efforts to get back in the swing. Inevitably, once I am back in a groove, it becomes self perpetuating. I feel wonderful. My energy levels climb. I feel myself headed in a positive direction and there is a sense of having to merely hold on or maintain momentum. It is this shifting of gears that kills me. The stopping and starting feels like such a drain.

Knowing that being a recluse is not an option it seems as if the only real choice is to have the resolve to carry my practice with me where ever I may go. I learned a couple of years ago that having my yoga mat with my when staying in hotels means that I will practice. Perhaps I need accoutrements, or some sort of proverbial string around my finger.

Talia seems to suggest that if less energy were spent in questioning, I would have no choice but to find my self immersed in action.‘Do or not do, there is no try’