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ILP – Specifics

So what, specifically, am I talking about with this ILP thing? And why did I start rambling about some bald headed guy the last time I mentioned it?

INTEGRAL – A comprehensive approach
LIFE – to an ever expanding, truly enjoyable experience
PRACTICE – that recognizes that there is work involved in growth

Basically, I want more. I have recognized that the more I engage life, the more enjoyable it becomes. So I have decided to pursue a path paved with as much consciousness as possible.
Integral theory, as explained by Mr. Ken Wilber (no hair), appears to be the best, most inclusive framework currently available to seekers such as myself.

The idea is that once we have come to some sort of understanding of the integral model it is completely useless.

Unless we do something with it.

But, if we take this prism and hold it up to the light that is our life, we can see many a splendid colors projected upon the wall. We can then look at these colors and realize quite easily which ones we have been focusing all of our attention on, and which ones we have been neglecting to various degrees.

Enough theory, here is how I filled out the I-I provided form that we were handed in our previous meeting. I will assume that context will explain much and that curiosity will be stirred by the rest in those who take interest.

Current Integral Life Practice – New York City ILP Group

Name: Devin Martin



Body Module


30 Minutes Strength Training



30 Minutes Yoga and Stretching



30 Minutes Breathing Exercises and Meditation



Posture Work


Shadow Module


Throughout the Day as charges are recognized

3-20 min Daily

Mind Module

Reading Integral

Currently Consciousness and Healing

20-60 min daily

Reading Fiction

Zorba the Greek/Excession

In between

Studying Nutrition

Lifefood Recipe Book, Audio, Internet (Best Day Ever), Forums

30-60 min daily

Listening Integral Naked, Robbins, Jubb, Wolfe, Rollins, Deida

When in car, airplane or on subway

30-120 min 5 days/week

Current Events

Online News, Magazines (Ode, WIE, Atlantic Monthly)



Spirit Module

See body work

Additional Key Practices


Experimenting with new foods and removing others from everyday use

Raw, Lifefood, Probiotics, Alkalizing, candida taming, juicing, making kombucha


Big Brother


Give SUV drivers dirty looks


-Practice thinking about potential practice approaches


Integral – Meetup/Discussion/ILP seminar, meetings, partner – BLOG, travel


Investigate/purchase HeartMath – Tonglen w/biofeedback!!

Luckily, most of what I had already stumbled upon stays in place, I have just been inspired to supplement my practice with a few other things.

I actually chart my day to day progress using a spreadsheet that I have been honing for a few years. (Yes, I am that much of a geek) Perhaps I will share that at some point if I can figure out a way to transfer a dense excel grid into a html friendly format.

  1. upload spreadsheet to google docs, publish, link

    and have you heard?
    david franklin had a baby!