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Do you know your life’s purpose?
Yes. I am on this earth to help others bring more consciousness into their lives. Lifestyle Integrity is one of the ways that I do this.
Are you a Life Coach / Is this therapy?
Yes, I am a Life Coach and while this is a bit like therapy it is not the same thing. I am less interested in your past and more in your present and your future. We will discuss your goals and desires and make concrete plans to achieve them. 
Do you really think that people can change?
I know that they can. I am living proof. So are you. Life is a process of recreating ourselves in every moment. To me the better question is how conscious are the choices that we make. There is always room for more joy in life. My passion is helping others find it.
Are you saying that you, with no medical degree, PHD etc. know what is best for my health and well being?
No, even more outlandish/heretical than that. I am saying that you know what is best for your body/mind/spirit. I believe that it is not possible for any expert to know you better than you do. I am just here to facilitate your discovery of this.
Will you tell me what lifestyle is right for me?
No, rather than any prescriptive approach, I will help you learn to make the right decisions for yourself in each and every moment.
What if I am miserable in my career, but don’t think I’m ready for a complete switch?
Sometimes growth is about taking a new perspective on your current situation. Other times it is about creating new opportunities. I enjoy exploring both. Either way we will find your TrimTab
Why can’t I be happy in love?
Our relationships with others reflect our relationship with our self. Getting clear on your sense of purpose in the world, exploring your inner emotional terrain and feeling fulfilled while you are alone will draw others to you. When two people who feel complete alone get together something magical happens.
Is spirituality important?
Finding meaning in the world is crucial. I am a 4th generation atheist turned deep meditator. Believing in something bigger than yourself is crucial. Sometimes I even talk about God. And yes, I’m still a science geek. The many ways that these perspectives compliment one another is one of my favorite topics.
Can I eat chocolate?
Absolutely, especially if it’s raw.
What are some things I should never eat?
I prefer to focus more on what you should eat. It is my belief that by focusing on healthy foods that you enjoy eating you will naturally begin to “crowd out” the foods that don’t make you feel as good.
Do I need to be in NYC?
Not at all. Often times I am not in New York. I work with a large percentage of my clients by phone or skype.
Where did all of these pictures come from?
Most I took. Some others took of me.
Who built this amazing website?
Do you have a privacy policy?
Yes. Yes I do.

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