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Embrace – The Beauty of Pain

Take it all in. Dive deep when you know not how the next breathe will come. Keep on pushing when it begins to hurt. Recognize that there is life in pain. In pain we remember that which we have let lie untouched. Feel these things again, for the first time, let the pain penetrate so deep that it will always be in you. For it is when the pain has truly been taken inside, accepted, encouraged, that we realize the message that is wrapped inside of this feeling. It is when we truly learn this message that we are able to release this pain once and for all.


We may spend years touching upon a sore spot only to recoil in fear at the first signs of the discomfort that come from contact. By doing so we allow this pain to live and grow and dig its roots deeper and deeper into the very fabric of our bodies. It feeds upon the energies that we hold inside. It will continue to do so as long as we leave it there undisturbed.


Please find these roots and dig under them with your fingers. Feel the pain that you have long ignored, subdued, denied. There is life, energy, and love, in, around, and below this pain. The time to dig is now. The pain only grows when left alone, but you are strong right now. You are alive right now. You have the clarity and the will right now. Let me know when later comes because I have only ever experienced right now. Right now this pain can melt away under your gaze. Sit. Be with it. Right now you can take this pain in even deeper in your embrace to a place where it is accepted. Just the very act of recognizing and accepting this pain will allow it to serve its purpose.


Pain has purpose. Pain is a signpost. Pain is a gift that you give yourself when something very important is crying out for your attention. You must not turn away now, ever. Embrace your pain as a sign that there is still room for more joy in your life. No matter what you have experienced, there has been potential for more trapped in these feelings long forgotten. You have so much more to give. Every moment you are present I sense you shining brighter and brighter, as layer after layer is peeled away from atop the source.


Don’t hesitate a moment longer to feel this pain. For one day it will be gone. It’s power will diminish. The opportunity it presents will be retracted. But it does not leave alone. The innocence that cries out for recognition will either grow up holding your guiding hand or die under the weight of a pain that it could not endure alone. She wants to be strong. She wants to transform this pain with you. But she will not survive in the dark. And if she goes, so much beauty goes with her.


Please taste this pain with every cell in your body. Embrace, so that you may let go. Look, so that you never again have to look away. There is so much beauty in even the darkest of rooms, but you must spend time there in order to let your eyes adjust to the light. And when you can see all that is around you, you will be able to find the door, open it, let the warmth pour in, and let your innocence back out into the light.


I love you


  1. Amy

    Wow. I don’t have words for the way that hit me. You write beautifully.

  2. This post was brought to my attention as I began to see the world again in all its colors, rather than shades of black and white. Every issue, problem, emotion, or event was displayed through food, through taste, through what I could and couldn’t eat, what I would and wouldn’t eat…

    I am, shockingly, suddenly able to recognize pain. And sadness, and good things too, like being content and having a core. However, learning to embrace all these things and be aware of not responding – NOT responding in that single, black and white tone, but to allow my world to be full of color, is the trick. I can see faint shades, every now and then.

    Accept, and release. Live it, and then turn it over to a power greater than my own. Be in control, in order to lose control.

    And just hope that at some point, there will be clarity. And full spectrum living.