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Devin Martin Teams up with Men’s Health to Grow Your Game

mens health grow your game

Any one here read Men’s Health? Did you check out the September issue yet? Notice any familiar faces? Yup, that’s me on page 3.

devin martin grow your game coach

This issue marks the beginning of the “Grow Your Game” campaign presented by Men’s Health and Rogaine. There will be updates in the magazine over the coming months as well as reams of content on a Men’s Health microsite,

What is “Grow Your Game”? You can think of it a bit like a reality show. 5 guys experiencing hair loss have been selected to try Rogaine while also getting coached to unlock their full potential. Rogaine teamed up with Men’s Health and asked them for a panel of expert coaches to work with the guys in many aspects of their life. Each guy will receive one on one coaching sessions with all 4 coaches. That includes a health/fitness coach, a relationship coach and a style coach. I was brought in as the life and career coach. These guys have signed on for a year of radical growth and transformation.

This is a really exciting opportunity for me. Each of these guys has an amazing story and a ton of latent potential waiting to be tapped. Lucky for me, each has a unique and interesting situation they are facing with their career as well as an eagerness to ask some of the big questions about how they want to live their life. I have already started working with them and am really enjoying getting to know each one.

The website will be full of information about the guys, the coaching they are receiving, their progress, how this all impacts their confidence, as well as articles from each of the coaches. Follow along in print and online.

Grow Your Game Coach Devin Martin

Bonus question: Anyone ever try Rogaine? Or deal with hair loss in any other way?