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Altah Net – Alternative Health Care Network

As Obama Care is being rolled out I am now participating in a new, direct-pay health network in NYC called Altah Net. I am the first coach on their site, partly because I am a Certified Holistic Health Coach and partly because the owners of the site have a deeply holistic understanding of health and really get how our career, relationships and spirituality are inextricably linked to our health.

They came by my place and filmed an interview with me to better understand my work as a Life & Career Coach:

You can check out my profile here:

The site has a carefully curated selection of practitioners in New York City. Visit to find holistic health providers, watch their introductory videos, and book appointments online. Join using coupon code MAR13 to get 50% off the Basic Membership (just $49/yr).

This membership entitles you to great rates with the providers, plus access to other content (blogs, Webinars, etc.) for holistic health education.

And as their tagline says, take care of yourself!