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About Devin

Devin Martin Life & Career Coach

The Path I Was Offered

I have spent the past 20 years studying growth and transformation. My life has been the testing ground for the work I now do with others.

Not long ago I was depressed. I was angry and felt powerless to create anything resembling a life I could love. I felt let down by my schooling and frustrated with my career options.  I dropped out of college without hope. For 13 years I worked in the security industry. At first I worked with my hands. Later I was a consultant for organizations such as the New York Federal Reserve and Fortune 100 companies.

I was good at what I did but I was bored, unmotivated and dreaded waking up many weekdays. I knew life could be more than a grind, but I was terrified of walking away from the success I had and reluctant to start at the bottom in a new career. In every spare moment I worked to transform myself through daily experimentation with my diet, exercise, meditation, breath work, psychedelics, philosophical and spiritual study, and any and every other method I could find. I learned to control my mind, ignore it, generate positive emotions, including happiness in isolation, overcome depression and cultivate states of creativity through writing and music. My career misalignment persisted. After getting dumped by the woman of my dreams something snapped. I admitted I was living out of integrity.  I knew my work had to be something I believed in fully. I was coaching part time, but I couldn’t see the transition. I realized my consciousness had to shift before I could know what comes next. I decided to walk away. I left NYC to live on a mountain for a year. No cell phone, no internet, no television. I allowed myself a lifestyle that felt 100% in integrity. I broke all my patterns and looked at what remained. (more on that HERE)

The Path I Chose

What I have discovered is that sometimes I and sometimes my circumstances need to change. It is only when both move in concert that true transformation is possible. When I left school I took control of the information that enters my mind and the values that I assign it. My path has led me from a place of darkness, depression and years of suicidal thinking to one of much joy and light with a deep spirituality. I am comfortable in both places and see the gifts in each.

Getting in touch with my sense of purpose in the world, owning my intuition and learning to take small, then ever bigger leaps into the unknown has transformed my life.  I no longer act from fear. I act from wonder. I truly believe that we are all capable of this. Hopefully with my help others can get there much faster. Because of this I have a deep desire to be with and help others on the path of self actualization.

Growth and transformation are inevitable. Life is change. The degree of conscious choice vs. patterned response in this process is up to you. Seeing beyond and moving past perceived limitations is a crucial step. This drive to shift often comes up during a trying period (sickness, heartbreak, stress) but can equally be chosen out of abundance. Both processes are beautiful. People may seek me out when they have something that they struggle sharing with others or when they are looking to be shown a hard truth that their own perspective has left in shadow. Sometimes we just need someone on our side who can see our gifts better than we can. Sometimes we need a swift kick in the ass.

The Choice I Offer

I will see your potential and hold you to it. Tough love with an integral perspective is my default mode. Lifestyle Integrity is about healing the boundaries that we have drawn within our own lives, between our hearts and our minds, work and play, self and spirit. It is about waking up and transforming your life by aligning your actions with your values. This is my passion. My personal goal is to have my higher self show up fully at work and at play, with friends, family and strangers. Finding and working with others on a similar path is my reason for getting out of bed in the morning.

Mostly I am an autodidact. My curiosity knows no bounds. What I learn I hope to share with you. I am a Certified Holistic Health Counselor having studied health at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I am a Certified Integral Relationships Professional. I am a student of Integral Philosophy based on the work of Ken Wilber. Along with graduate level study of the theory I have led Integral Life Practice groups, deeply engaged my own practice and led the Integral Salon in NYC for 3 years. I have been meditating since I was a teen utilizing mostly Zen and TM (Trancendental Meditation). I do extensive breath and body work inspired by the Art of Living Foundation and different yogas. I love functional strength, especially if it includes body weight exercises. I am Reiki level II trained. I believe in the power of being radically honest and vulnerable with others. I know Conscious Capitalism can exist in businesses big and small and I think exploratory conversations are great, but even better when they are grounded in action in our lives.

If you are reading this chances are you already live a privileged life. You have a roof over your head, clothes on your back and know where your next meal will come from. Perhaps you also know the deep torment of waking up bored or living a life devoid of purpose and meaning. Happiness is relative. As long as you are alive there will be things that scare and excite you. This is where your growth lies.

I believe that the fate of both humanity and the planet hinges on the decisions that our leaders make. I have dedicated my life to raising the consciousness of those whose decisions have the biggest impact. I work with leaders in business, finance, arts, media, politics, and education. I specialize in self discovery, self actualization, self transcendence, and professional mastery. My clients are focused on building a life of deep personal and societal significance. If you are just trying to figure out how to fit in then I am not the right coach for you. If you are trying to stand out, searching for deeper meaning, and looking to have a bigger impact I just might be. My clients are looking to transcend the status quo, perform at a world class level, and to work from their heart.

If you are excited by solving big problems let’s talk.

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