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April, 2014 | Lifestyle Integrity




Joe Ades Perfect Potato Peeler Pitch

Joe Ades was often seen on the streets of New York City sitting on a box with a crowd of people around him demonstrating and selling potato peelers for $5. By most estimates he became a millionaire this way. Watch the video and you will see how. His demonstration alone is worth the cost of the peeler. His charisma and salesmanship are a thing of beauty. He even earned himself a wikipedia page. Joe left this world in 2009. RIP Joe Ades.


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Lindzee Poi

French juggler and illusionist Lindzee Poi takes the simplest of tools and blows me away with his grace and haunting fluidity. At times I was swearing his movements resembled those of a computer or machine, but at the same time his fingers are as graceful as a ballerina. You can fine more about him on his website: and on Facebook: // This man is AMAZING! Wednesdays are for AMAZING MEN Find More Amazing Men by clicking HERE



Gossipist – Mixing Business with Besties: A Dangerous Dance– Pillowtok #35

Gossipist-Mixing_Business_with_BestiesHow do you feel about your coworkers? Are they your friends? Your best friends? Do you do your best to keep your work life and your social life separate and distinct?

One of the reasons I became a Life & Career Coach was to work with people that I love more. I wanted to blur the lines between friendship and work and see what kind of beautiful mess I could create. I have coached my friends. I have become friends with people I have coached. I decided that, since we spend such a huge percentage of our waking hours surrounded by those we work with, I might as well see how many amazing people I could work with. So far I have been blessed. I work with Amazing people who are committed to growth, transformation, entrepreneurship, health, spirituality, having deep, open conversations and then taking actions to change their lives for the better.

Lauren and Maayan are co-founders of the Gossipist podcast network and co-hosts of the podcast PillowTok. They are good friends who have decided to work together. They invited me to be a guest on PillowTok to help them work through some of the ups and downs that working together has introduced into their relationship. These are two brilliant and very self aware women who are willing and able to face their difference head on for the sake of both their friendship and their business.

Check out the podcast here to listen in and hopefully learn a thing or two you can apply to your own relationships both at work and at home.

– Devin