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February 2009 - Lifestyle Integrity




Covering Ground

Brendon snapping a sunset beach photo.

My most recent Facebook update read: Devin ‘s week of airports looks like LGA->SYR->BUF->LGA->RDU->ILM->ATL->LGA for Security and Reiki.

I’ve been traveling a bit lately for work. I’ve been in Dallas and Austin, Syracuse and Buffalo; threats of Georgia and Boston that will probably manifest in the near future. I’m in transition from being the Operations Manager for the Northeast Region to becoming something like National Accounts Manager for Tutela. I’ve decided that managing others in this industry is just not something I enjoy very much. I think that because my nature is to work very independently I have a hard time relating to others need to be micromanaged. So I’m not gonna put myself through it anymore. So far I’m enjoying the new role quite a bit.

I flew in to Syracuse on Tuesday, took the guy in charge of the facility there out for lunch, then walked his site with him designing a CCTV system that will cover every inch of his data center with cameras. Then I rented a car and drove to Buffalo to walk a few sites there and then fly back to NYC.

I took Friday and Mon-Tue off to go to North Carolina to visit Antoinette and get Reiki attunements. Antoinette is a Reiki master (along with masseuse and midwife in training). I flew in to Raleigh Friday evening. Owen, who will be doing the artwork for The Emergence album, picked me up at the airport and we got to grab some food and hang out for a few hours. Great to see him again. Then Alan swung by to pick me up. I finally got to meet his beautiful fiance Shelby and hear all about their whirlwind meeting, falling in love and then engagement. Looks like Mr. Genser will be in Cali by March. Mazel Tov

‘Daddy’, Jenny, Antoinette and I. Reiki crew 2009!

Then I got dropped off at Antoinette’s friend Jenny’s house where we spent the weekend learning Reiki; level 1 on Saturday followed by Level 2 on Sunday. I never would have guessed 6 years ago when I met Antoinette going to her house for meditations that I would end up learning Reiki. She’s done a great job of cracking my head open and creating space for wonder and awe over the unknown to creep in alongside the science bit by bit over the years. Love you to death Antoinette. I miss you. We can’t go this long without seeing each other again.

I really need to get more of my loved ones together, living in one place at some point.

After reiki Antoinette and I drove out to her place in Wilmington. It was cold, but we got to see a sunset and a sunrise at the beach and spend some long overdue quality time together.

We walked around a lake looking for (and finding) some blue herons and taking pics with Brendon and his father. I also got an AMAZING 2 hour massage from Antoinette right before heading to the airport. She spent the entire time on my back and my neck. That was much needed. I was sore for a couple of days, but used the pain to get in touch with my body in places that I obviously had been neglecting. Getting back into my daily practice over the past 4-5 weeks has really been a blessing for this and many other reasons.

So it seems that this is part of how I find balance these days. I work in corporate environments installing massive, networked security systems and I then I go and learn the healing art of reiki with my more spiritually aligned friends. Surely my path is taking more interesting turns every day. I’ll put something up soon about Nutrition classes and where this seems to be taking me.

For now all is well in Williamsburg, chillin at home with Agape.

Sunrise at Wrightsville beach.